Light in the Attic + 45 rpm Vinyl Record

Light in the Attic + 45 rpm Vinyl Record

Light in the Attic + 45 rpm Vinyl Record


12x Side A: Kolsch-style Ale
12x Side B: Altbier
1x Limited Edition 45 rpm vinyl record from Light in the Attic & Cascade Record Pressing: from Jim Sullivan's U.F.O. (1969 - re-release 2010)

SIDE A: U.F.O (Jim Sullivan)


Appearance: Sunny bright, almost clear.
Aroma: Floral hops, soft, mild grain, simple and clean.
Flavor: Slight mild bready sweetness with a crisp finish.

What happened to the Kölsch? We found its wallet, keys, guitar and a wreath of empty 10 oz glasses on the table with a coaster over the top. Was it intentional? Was it an abduction? Was Kölsch taken out by the mafia... er... popularity of the Lager? We might never know.

Kölsch Ale is brewed exclusively in Cologne, Germany and has stringent standards. As you know, we’re not in Cologne. And we adhere to very few stringent standards, as a rule. But oh boy! Do we ever love a crisp, clear, gloriously clean ale with a little smidge of wine region terroir (thanks, Phantasm powder).

ABV: 4.5%

SIDE B: JEROME (Jim Sullivan)


Appearance: Light, bright amber with white foam
Aroma: Rich, bready, herbal.
Flavor: Bright, clean malt flavor with dark bread, fig and herbal notes. Finishes clean and crisp.

If you’re looking for a pound of magic, look no further than the storied Altbier. Brewed cool with traditional ale yeast, an Altbier is defined by its subtle fruit flavor and malt sweetness. Crisp and refreshing enough to be easily mistaken for actual magic.

The brewers at Reuben’s know a lot about Altbier - one of the first beers they brewed was an Altbier and it’s still one of their favorite styles. When we suggested a Kölsch for Light in the Attic - Side A, our friends at Reuben’s said: but what about the Altbier? And we’re glad they did. We worked together to revive this original beer, keeping our Altbier true to its heritage and uniquely new - for anyone looking for a little extra. 

ABV: 4.9%

Light in the Attic 45 rpm Vinyl Record: Jim Sullivan's "U.F.O." & "Jerome" (1969, re-released 2010).