Fresh IPA (2022)

Fresh IPA (2022)

Fresh IPA (2022)

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Fresh IPA was the first Wet Hop beer we ever packaged. Every year we look for the newest, tastiest hops on the planet, then we take them - fresh off the bine - and dump them into a beer. This year, Indie Hops sent us 2000 pounds of their first ever harvest of Luminosa hops. With a little piney bitterness to offset the snappy sweet candy hop flavors, Fresh IPA has been finely tuned and perfectly calibrated to go well with the end of summer, the beginning of the hop harvest, shorter days, longer nights, an increase in spiders and a decrease in sunburns. From the bine, to the can, to your taste buds in just a matter of days, Fresh IPA is best consumed FRESH.

Hops: Indie Hops fresh Luminosa, pelletized Idaho 7

Malts: GW Premium 2Row, GW White Wheat

Yeast: ESB

ABV: 6.5%

*Can Artwork: Realistic Brewery Ops by Little Friends of Printmaking