Chromatic/Proximity Effect Mixed Culture Ciders

Chromatic/Proximity Effect Mixed Culture Ciders

Chromatic/Proximity Effect Mixed Culture Ciders

6 bottles of Proximity Effect +

6 bottles of Chromatic =

12 bottles of hand-crafted, mixed-culture Fort George Cider


Astoria is a special place. The people are as giving as the trees. A handful of our lovely friends picked all of the local apples they could find and together we crushed, grinded, and pressed this hodgepodge of apple varieties in the Fort George courtyard. After fermentation and conditioning with a mixed culture of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria, we were rewarded with a beautiful rustic cider with aromas and flavors of apple rind, pineapple, earthy hay, wet stones, and kiwi. This cider is a great representation of our fantastic community spirit.

ABV: 6.9%


The goal of this cider project was a dry, characterful, and fruity cider with a little acidity & funk. To accomplish this, we utilized a varietal of crab apples called Wickson, which has enough sweet sugars and flavor but with a proper balance of acidity. Kiyokawa Orchards in Hood River, OR provided the juice. The cider fermented in French oak wine barrels from Willamette Valley, using our house mixed culture yeast. The result is an intricately fruity cider smelling of ripe apple juice, dried apricots, sweet peach candy, custard, earthy wet hay, light baking spice, clementine orange, and lime zest. Chromatic is bone dry yet full of lingering fruity flavor and a refreshing acidity that lends to a crisp finish.

ABV: 7.8%